I'm Ela - a Perth based Portrait Photographer.

I believe perfection is in details.

I also believe in connection, the beauty of emotions and the power of images.

I believe you deserve to be surrounded by beautiful art that has a deep meaning to you. That stops you and makes you smile every single time you pass by and see it. Art that makes you proud.  I believe in art that is special to you, the one that is personal.




All my passion for creating, drawing, painting have led my parents to enrol me at an early age into the Art School. There I've spent 8 years studying fine arts, classical portraiture and history of arts.

It's easy to see how all those years and knowledge gathered are influencing my photography now.


You can be assured that my mission is to uncover the work of art within the person I photograph. And I truly believe there is one within us all. Our loved ones see that every single day. Think of the people you love. Can you see it? I bet you can!  

When designing a photoshoot, all the elements chosen will ensure an artistic and visually pleasing outcome. From the lighting, colour scheme to the use of backgrounds and accessories. Your portraits are designed to adorn walls as the most amazing and emotional artwork.




Yes, you read it right! After all those years of studying arts, it felt like it was time to make a practical change of direction. Architecture felt like a challenging but very promising field to build a career in and a perfect choice of continuing my studies. 


I took a special interest in designing interiors which led to working on some various scale projects. Starting with small and cozy apartments and finishing with a 5* boutique hotel. 

How does that relate to photography you'd ask? 

It helps me see the portraits as part of the design of your space. As artwork that completes and compliments the design. With that in mind, we choose the colour scheme of your photoshoot, the style, the theme. Also the colour and style of the frames and even the medium the portraits are going to be printed on.

The custom gallery design that features your final images on the walls of your house is a complimentary service with the photoshoot.




Being a mother to these two beautiful boys gives me a special understanding.

Of how to be patient.

How to be more empathetic.

How to observe and listen.

How moments are little treasures that we have to hold onto as much as we can.

How to give space, take breaks when needed, how to accept feelings and emotions.

And how important photography actually is. They grow up so fast, they change so much and so quickly. Having a good archive with images of them has been a true gift. Literally, their portraits are the best gifts for family members with any occasion. And no, there cand never be too many of them.



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