Let's say there are just a few days left till your child's photo session. What do you feel?

Excitement? Maybe a bit of overwhelm?

I bet there are so many questions and worries going through your mind. You take so many pictures of you children every single day. This time though it's all different, you want these photographs to be at their best.

After all they might end up being that perfect gift for the grandparents or just a treasured keepsake in your house. Their chocolate covered faces in the snap you took yesterday with your phone might be the sweetest on Earth but still you'd like to remember their sweet faces with no chocolaty "makeup" on.

Here's a little checklist for you to make sure that every details is covered your children are well prepared.


I am absolutely sure you have selected the best items from their wardrobes that suit the theme of the photo session. If you haven't done that already, there might be a few details that might be helpful for you to consider:

- Choose outfits that fit them well and feel comfortable. It is so important that they like what they have to wear. After all their mood will most certainly show in the photos and feeling good with what we wear is such a game changer at any age!

- It would be of great help to your photographer if the clothing that your children are wearing is ironed or steamed. Perfection is in details and wrinkles on fabric are not very photogenic unless they are part of the design of course!


- Fingernails. Such a little detail and most of the times an unpleasant one to deal with. I should know!! There are at least 3 sets that I have to deal with (shhh.. I know the cat's ones have a different name. But come on, the process of getting rid of them is just the same ). It would be best though if they are freshly clipped before the photo session. If you child likes wearing nail polish, please make sure that they wear freshly applied neutral colour or clear coat.

- Hair. Fresh and clean hair is so important for beautiful portraits! Please make sure that those soft and cute locks are untangled and ready to be styled or just bounced around, depending on the theme of your photo session. A bubble bath a day before or on the day of the photo session can have a great impact not only on the way your child looks but also in can impact how they feel. You also must admit it can be so much fun!


Children are amazing in so many ways! They are honest and raw in how they feel and express themselves. When a photo session was designed to fit their personality it always is a fun and overall great experience for everyone involved. There are a few tweaks that can make it even better!

- A good rest is a serious mood lifter for anyone, there's no secret in that. Please make sure your child has a good night sleep before their photo session. If you are booked for the afternoon, schedule some quiet and relaxing activities on the day of the session. Fun and engaging activities are amazing, but can be tiring. No one enjoys an intense afternoon activity as a photo session can be, after a very busy day.

- Full tummy. Even if you have a nice dinner planned after the photo session, please make sure that your child has a full and satisfying meal before you head out for the session. It would also help to have their favourite non chocolaty snacks packed to take with you!

- Relax!!! Do not stress, your child's photo session will be amazing, there's nothing for you to worry about. Your photographer has done this before, they know how to engage with your child and make them feel at ease. There will be breaks, there will be fun, there will be slightly awkward little moments the may sometimes be hard to avoid. Remember that it is an intense experience for your child, packed with emotions and excitement, seeded with a little dose of anxiety. Also remember that your photographer can handle it all and has seen it all before. You are doing a great job, your child will do an amazing job.

If you have booked a photo session with me, it is most likely that we went through most of the details for the session at your consultation. It can be helpful to go through the cards packed in your welcome folder one more time. I am here to answer any question that arises and to tame any worry that may creep before the session.

If not, feel free to DOWNLOAD , print and use the card bellow along with this article. You can also download the higher quality image here Enjoy!




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