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A grouping of frames does more than add decoration to a room. A gallery wall is a design feature, a statement and most importantly a narative. It's a narative of you, your life, your loves. People dear to you, places that you have visited, images that simply speak to you. I strongly believe that photos are the best way to make a house feel home. Call me biased if you like. A gallery wall is definitely a show stopper, a conversation starter, a smile maker.

I often find myself browsing Pinterest for ideas and examples of gallery wall layouts. And oh well, that is before I get lost in the deeps of Pinterest going around with no specific agenda just because it's awesome. I'm sure you know the feeling.

The images of all sorts of gallery walls help me design themes and ideas of photo shoots, I love the photos to tell a story and go well to gather as a bigger piece of art.

And since I've ended up with a huge collection of images and loads of inspiration, I thought to share it with you all. As inspiration if you need it - I'm sure many just think after a photo shoot : Ok, I've got the images, now what? Or just an eye candy if you'd like. Because why not? :D

So here goes the first one: Gallery walls in dinning areas. Enjoy!

Images from Pinterest

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