This is me

Let’s travel back in time ?

This is me.

I must have been about 13 at that time. I loved reading, I’d devour books one by one and would get lost in imaginary or not so imaginary distant worlds. I loved history and romantic stories. I’ve also read the whole collection of my dad’s sci-fi books by that time and was one of the biggest X-Files fans, but that would be a whole other story to tell. This one is about princesses, Scarlett O’Haras and Angeliques wearing beautiful floor length gowns and absolutely impressive hats (or tiaras, why not? )

I was a dreamer. Taking imaginary walks along with the characters of all those books. Breathing in the air of the beautifully designed gardens, and hearing the echo of the steps in the huge castles.

I wanted a glimpse of how it would be, being a part of those worlds.

There was no such thing as styled shoots in our little town, no such thing as hiring photographer to create something special for you and no such thing as internet (no Google, Youtube, Pinterest, etc. how boring, right??!! ) What I had was a head full of ideas, my little Kodak camera, my mom’s old dresses from the ’70s, a huge old straw hat. And the most amazing friend, always happy to put my crazy ideas into practice. So we went out and about, played dress up and took some snaps in a place that, at that time, was the most beautiful in the world for me.

Were my expectations met when the photos were printed? Not exactly. Let’s just say that they were different to what I’ve envisioned :D . I’ll spare you the technical details, let’s just say I didn’t have the right tools or knowledge at the time. But I loved that experience.

Now looking back, those photos are me at that time. As in they show more than how I looked at 13. They show how I felt then, what I loved then, what I was dreaming of.

Model: 13 year old me Styling: 13 year old me Photographer: 12 year old Taia




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